Richland Township Fire Department


Mission Statement

      To serve the fire coverage area, and other fire departments, through mutual aid, by protecting life, property, and the environment; by providing fire safety education, inspections, suppression, investigations, emergency medical support, disaster response, and hazardous materials mitigation.  We will give the highest level of service possible with the level of resources provided to this department, in the most efficient, and cost effective manner possible.



The Richland Township Fire Department was organized in 1922, as one of the earliest fire departments in Saginaw County.  Richland Township Fire Department covered the following Townships:  Richland, Fremont, Ingersoll (Midland County), Swan Creek, James, and Thomas.  In 1963, Thomas Township and James Township Fire Departments were organized and Swan Creek Township joined the Tri Township Fire District in St. Charles.


 Presently we cover 36 square miles in Richland Township, 24 square miles in Fremont Township, and 6 square miles in Ingersoll Township.  The approximate population for all three coverage areas is 7,500.  We have a mutual aid pact with all Saginaw County Fire Departments, giving us access to all their Fire Fighters and equipment, if needed. 

   Richland Township Fire Department is funded by a special assessment in Richland Township and contract fees with Fremont and Ingersoll Townships.

   The Fire Department's headquarters are located at 1099 N. Hemlock Road, Hemlock, Michigan 48626.  It is our third station since organization and was built in 1986, replacing one that was built in 1948, which replaced the original station which was built in 1922.  Our equipment consists of two-class A pumpers, one water tender, one rescue unit, and two brush units.

   Richland Township Fire Department responds to approximately 350 alarms per year.  Richland Township Fire Department responds to all medical calls to assist Mobile Medical Response (MMR), the area ambulance service, with pre-hospital emergency treatment.  Richland Township Fire Department hires Fire Fighters on an as needed basis.  Applications are available at the Richland Township Administration Office, 1180 North Hemlock Road, Hemlock, Michigan.

    In January 2004, the Richland Township Police Department headquarters was added to the station to better serve the public at a lesser expense.



There have been 13 Fire Chiefs since organization which include: 

Alex Pahl 1922-1923 Cameron Glenn 1923-1932
Clyde Cox 1932-1936 William Campbell 1937-1938
Clyde Cox 1938 Martin Bauer 1939-1959
Robert Campbell 1960-1967 Eugene Carson 1968-1969
Jack Flood 1970-1971 Robert Stapleton 1972-1977
Herbert Wade 1978-1985 John Pruitt 1986
Gary Wade 1987-2013  Timothy Trim (Interim)  2013


 The following roster is current as of January 1, 2014:                                

Fire Chief Mike Morse
Assistant Chief Jeremy Scott
Captain Brad Breternitz
Lieutenant Kenneth M. Ling
Fire Fighter John Rick**
Fire Fighter Heather Appold
Fire Fighter Tim Trim**
Fire Fighter Jon Beck
Fire Fighter Scott Rose
Fire Fighter Shaun Clayton
Fire Fighter Thomas Beagle
Fire Fighter Dave Bouliew
Fire Fighter Nick Scoles
Fire Fighter Steve Hoffman***
Fire Fighter Robert Gilmour
Fire Fighter Dave Knoll
Fire Fighter James Bethke
Fire Fighter Jason Baird
Fire Fighter Daniel McGeathy
Fire Fighter Andrew Morse
Fire Fighter Dave Hoffman
Fire Fighter Gary Wade**
Fire Fighter Stacer Damen
Fire Fighter Ben Wenzel



Past Members of the Richland Township Fire Department:

Alex Pahl* Roy Minto Carl Winters Roy Condon*
Hugh Frost William Rick William Fiting* Leo Rodietcher
Tom Wheatley Fred Murphy* Al Mueller* Paul Gibson***
Cameron Glen* Fred Bremmer* Edwin Stenzel Erdman Wardin*
Phillip Dratz Warren Watson George Richmond* Henry Schilling
Ed Welch David Doyle* Merle Thomas Weldon Watson***
William Pahl* Oscar Bauer Walter McCullagh Ernest Ling*
E. Jones Frank O'Leary Charles Mueller* William Wendt
L. Burns Henry Heinitz* Dennis Kennelly John Van Haften
Mathew Stroebel* Newell Coleman Tom Phelps E.S. Winchell*
Kenneth Foye William Fritzler*** Roy Rule* Herman Pahl, Jr.
Rolland Nothelfer Elzie Beaver* Frank Winchell G. Nothelfer
Ross Alderton* William Noll Arno Bluemer Charles Kreager*
Martin Bauer Clyde Easlick John Fuller* Clayton Gould
Robert Stapleton Joe McMullen* Jim Lunney Joe Herzina
Bernard Wardin* Vern Jolley Austin Sanford Alex Berger*
Frank Balesky Don Ojczyk Ray Beaver Michael Masser
Aarol Irish Anthony Doerr* Henry Collins Edwin Claxton
Henry Martin*  Ray Turner Donald Erskine Fred Schultie*
Walter Wardin Bruce Pahl Grover Sheltraw* M. Neuenfeldt
Mike Barnovitz Clarence Elliot Richard Doerr Vernie Chambers
Ernie Woodhall Weldon Sheltraw Roger Fiting*** F.W. Brant
Willis Wheatley William Campbell Otto Schmidt Lloyd Thomas***
Melvin Kruth*** Clyde Cox John Hohman Don Kreger
Leo Stapleton Robert Campbell Dale Fuller Floyd Conger
Edwin Rick*** Allen Volker William Little Carl Kreger
Jerry McKibbin George Stroebel Don Glenn*** James Hingston
Wilbert Campbell Ray LaClair Art Buckley Frank Nothelfer
Frank McDonaugh Donald Foye Donald Kruth Arvin Peterson
Eugene Carson Lloyd Pahl Allen Crouse Patrick Dougherty
Ernest Willman Gary Claxton Larry Sugar Kenneth Wilsey
Alex Manzoni Robert Claxton Hersey Erskine Jack Armstrong
Richard Davis Paul Pringle*** Don Riley Scott Stapleton**
Vincent Hohman Gary Peaphon John Kiley Jack Doyle
Jim Ling** Harvey Nothelfer*** Dale Doyle Bob Bachula
Joe Reinig** Delmos Collier** Don Hutfilz Melvin Wardin***
Louis Lively*** John Flood Rod McKibbin** Andy Hohman
Tom Hatfield Ron Watson Tom Samuels** James Durham
John Pruitt** David H. Schafer William LeClair*** Tom Campbell
Mike Murphy Paul Brennenstuhl Richard Hagarty** Frank Golombisky**
Jeff Yackel Chris Beck** Bill Dewey David Ling***
Todd House Adam Nothelfer Dennis Fuller John Turner
John Benemann Barry Simmonds*** Tim Spear** Gerald Foye
Chuck Thomas Herbert WadeII Sam Jundi John Cook
Brad Peterson*** Kelly Buckley Pat Buckley Brian Beckrow
Doug Rohde** Dan Preuss Kenneth Ling** Greg Geitman**
Bruce Wade** Brian Schultz*** Paul Woods*** Mike Reinig
Martin Sanders Chris Schluckebier Jessica Honr Timothy Rohn
Larry Wegner** Richard Bouliew** Robert Watson Max Kopplin
Cindy Zastrow Trevor Weslock James Herline  


*  Charter Member

** Served As Fire Command Officer

*** Served In U.S. Military



The Hemlock Volunteer Fire Fighters Association has purchased a Thermal Imaging Camera.    The camera has been given to the Richland Township Fire Department, and placed in service, after Fire Fighters were trained with it.  The cost of the camera was $10,000.00, and bought with money donated by citizens and organizations of the area.  The donations were in Honor or in Memory of loved ones.  A complete list of donors is available at the Fire Station.  


The donation fund is still in existence and all donations are used for non disposable life saving equipment.  If you would like to make a donation you can make checks payable to, Hemlock Volunteer Fire Fighters Association, and mail to 1099 North Hemlock Road, Hemlock, Michigan   48626. 



We thank all of you for your support in the past, and look forward to serving your needs in the future.


New Emergency Notification System:  Saginaw County 911

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